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DOB: 1010/27/2021

AKC Registered

As of 1/19/2022 he weighed 3 lbs 6 oz

Dakota is what they call a “Non-Grooming” Shih Tzu.  He is a Prapso Shih Tzu.  He is red and white with black trim and tips.  They are cute, smart and unique.  No one knows for sure where they come from, but they do pop up in purebred Shih Tzu litters from time to time. Whether they arise from a genetic mutation or possess some ancient DNA that emerges occasionally is anyone’s guess.  The old DNA theory seems plausible.  Consider how the Shih Tzu breed was developed. In ancient Tibet and China, when the breed was first developed, no written records were kept of which dogs were bred to each other.  Many of the small Asian breeds have some similarities and thus probably a share of each other’s DNA:  Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Pug, Tibetan Spaniel, Japanese Chin.  All are very unique today, but various genes from these breeds could have become part of the Shih Tzu at some point.  Whether the Prapso has retained some of the little Pekingese DNA that exists, or some of the most ancient DNA no one knows.  Again, it could also just be a fluke—a genetic mutation.

They have a definite look that is different from the Shih Tzu breed even though they are purebred Shih Tzu dogs.  All Shih Tzu have a double coat, soft inner coat and a harder outer coat. The Prapso has a single coat.   However, Prapso Puppies will never have such thick long hair. Their hair will only grow so far and then stop growing, similar to that of the Japanese Chin.  This particular trait is very attractive to people who love the personalities of their Shih Tzu dogs, but don’t always have the time or desire to groom them properly.

Many Prapso owners will call them the “No-Groom Shih Tzu” because of the ease in keeping them looking great. The most noticeable feature of the Prapso puppy is the lack of facial hair. Many Prapso owners report that their dogs are very smart—learn quickly and develop faster than their non-Prapso siblings.  For those who love the Velcro quality of the Shih Tzu personality, the cute stubborn streak, the loyalty, playfulness and love that these dogs offer minus the long hours of grooming, a Prapso puppy might be just the thing.

He is going to be a very handsome puppy.  He has a perfect Shih Tzu mask. He has beautiful eyes and very long eye lashes.  His tail is also tipped in white.   He is going to weigh between 10 -11 lbs when full grown.  He just loves puppy kindergarten and is always looking for his next puppy adventure.  He is going to have very, very fluffy fur.  He loves to play and is very lovable and loves to cuddle and sit on your lap.  He has a lot of unconditional love to give someone or some family.  He is just waiting for you to pick him.

He is AKC registered and has a great AKC Champion Bloodline. At SacRiver Puppies we “Pre-Spoil our Puppies for you!”  At SacRiver Puppies we “Pre-Spoil our Puppies for you!” Full payment is expected one week prior to delivery. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover over the phone.  We also accept Venmo.

We have several options for delivery.  We have a pet nanny that will fly in cabin with your pet.   She will meet you just past arrivals security at the closest major airport to delivery your puppy.  The additional cost for this is $600.    We also currently have a pet nanny that will personally drive to your home to deliver your puppy.  This service ranges from $375 – $1200 depending on where you are located.    Also, another option if you are within driving distance of our farm is to come and pick up your puppy personally, we love having visitors to our farm.  Or we will drive up to 12 hours to meet you, the only additional charge would be for our gas and time.