• SacRiver Kennels guarantees this puppy to be healthy at the time of purchase. This puppy will be current on all vaccinations and wormings.
  • SacRiver Kennels guarantees the puppy for 10 days from the date of purchase against Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Corona Virus.
  • SacRiver Kennels also guarantees this puppy to be free from genetic defects that are detrimental to the puppy’s health for one year from the puppy’s date of birth.
  • You are required to take this puppy to a qualified vet within 3 days of receipt of the puppy and to notify SacRiver Kennels immediately in the event that your vet finds any problem with the puppy.
  • SacRiver Kennels will pay for treatment for the puppy for any covered problem during the guarantee period provided that SacRiver Kennels’ vet agrees on the diagnosis and treatment.
  • SacRiver Kennels must authorize such treatment for the puppy in advance and SacRiver Kennels will cover such treatment up to the purchase price of the puppy.
  • SacRiver Kennels will not pay for the office visit to your vet or for any testing or treatment not authorized by our vet in advance unless it is a life threatening emergency and our vet agrees that such treatment was necessary and should be the responsibility of SacRiver Kennels.
  • SacRiver Kennels reserves the right to determine if the puppy will be returned for refund or replaced.
  • No other guarantee is made or implied except as stated in this written guarantee.
  • The buyer agrees that SacRiver Kennels’ obligation ceases and this contract is void if the buyer does not continue the vaccination series, fails to see a qualified veterinarian within three days, deprives the puppy of any medical treatment needed, or physically neglects or abuses the puppy in any way.
  • The buyer is required to feed Paw Tree Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe – it is gain free puppy food for two months following receipt of puppy, and then make a gradual change if desired.
  • The link where you can order the puppy food is
  • This puppy is sold as a pet. Although it may be of breeding or show quality, it is at the buyer’s sole discretion whether to breed or show. There is no requirement that this puppy be bred or shown.

Download a printable version of SacRiver Guarantee (PDF format)