We use a pet nanny service for transporting our pets.  She will personally fly in the cabin with your puppy.  The Pet Nanny Service cost is $400.  Full payment for the puppy and the pet nanny services is expected 3 to 4 days prior to delivery.  The delivery price includes transportation from our kennel to the airport, payment for the pet nanny service.  Depending on what airport the puppy and pet nanny is flying into, you would meet our pet nanny at the American baggage service area. We will be able to give you all of these details when we arrange for the puppy’s delivery to you.  Prior to the delivery we will confirm the pet nanny details and the flight schedules.  She will be flying either out of Bentonville Arkansas or Springfield Missouri depending on the flight availability.  She will also contact you the day before the flights to introduce herself to you and answer any of your questions.  During the date of the delivery she will keep you updated on the flight’s arrival by text or phone call.

She will have the puppy’s puppy pack to give you that has all of the puppies information, registration papers and health records and microchip info etc. in it.

If you are within driving distance of our kennel we would love for you to come visit us to pick up your puppy we love people to come see us.  We will also drive up to 6 hours to meet our clients.  The only additional cost is for our time and gas.

We love and care for our puppies very much and we strive to make sure they are safely delivered to you.