“Just remember bringing home your new puppy is like bringing home a new baby.”

How to Care for Your New Puppy

For the first 24 hours get acquainted; limit excitement and handling as much as possible. You and you new baby need time so keep them at home.

Limit excitement and handling as much as possible. Puppies require about 16 hours of sleep a day. They sleep about 3 hours and maybe play and eat about 1 hour. If they do not get their rest they will get sick.

The small breeds to not eat much at one time; therefore they must have a good dry puppy food available at all time. It should have 20% or more fat. There are several ways to entice your new puppy to eat. One is baby food; for what they are? A baby. You can give alone or mix with dry dog food. Turkey, beef or chicken flavors are preferable.

Food and Water must be available at all times.

DO NOT give your new puppy milk!

DO NOT put additives in the water.

DO NOT give the puppy anything sweet to eat.

DO NOT bathe too frequently and use tearless puppy shampoo.

Provide lots of chewing toys and stuffed toys to play with.

On long hair puppies be sure to keep their hair on their rear-end clipped for cleanliness.

On snub nose puppies (Bostons and Frenchies) be sure to keep wrinkles around their face clean.

Just remember this is a new life you have brought home and will need care and attention just like a new baby. When they wake up they potty, and after they eat they potty. Don’t think that house training happens over night. It takes much patience and understanding. We are firm believers in crate training. This like their little apartment, they feel safe there when you are away or not watching them closely. Do no get a crate too big at first. Normally a dog won’t potty where they sleep. But there are exceptions to the rule. So be patient!!!

Your puppy will have been on a strict vaccination & health program. You will be given a record of this and instructions on further health needs.

Download a printable version of Puppy Care (PDF format)