Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier is a cross between the native Australian Terriers and imported Yorkshire Terriers of Australia. Most will agree that the Silky Terrier encompasses most of the best qualities of its ancestors. They are known for their beautiful, non-shedding and odorless coat. This breed is spirited and has a good degree of physical strength. They like the companionship of other pets. They are courageous and alert; friendly and sociable; and they strive to be close to their master.

Training these dogs is very rewarding because they are very eager to learn. Silky Terriers are good for apartment life, as they are very active indoors and will do well without a yard.

Average weight is 8-11 pounds, height 8-10 inches; color: blue and tan, gray, blue and tan with silver-blue top-knot. Tips of hairs should be darker than the roots. Coat: Straight, fine, glossy.

We are not breeding Silky Terriers at the moment.