Kid Friendly Puppies

These are our “Kid Ready Puppies”, they are 3 months or older and are ready to become a member of your family. Each one of these puppies are very socialized and will be the perfect addition to your family especially if you have small children.

All of our puppies are AKC and/or APRI registered. They all have excellent pedigrees with champion bloodlines. They come with all their puppy shots up to date. They are doggie door trained and leash trained. Those who don’t shed still have their full coat of hair – they have never been cut. They are used to being groomed every other day due to their full coat of hair.

They are just waiting to be adopted by you! Most people want to add a 12 week old puppy to their family instead of an older puppy. There is nothing wrong with these puppies except they are just older and more mature, which actually makes your job easier for adding them to your family.

We have no Kid Ready Puppies at the moment.