French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are active, intelligent, muscular and heavy boned, with a smooth coat and a compact build. They are of small to medium structure, and with their pug-like face and bat-like ears, they are simply irresistible. “Frenchies” are bred primarily as pets and companions, but they also make good watchdogs.

Frenchies make good apartment dogs, but also enjoys roaming outside on a leash. They are wonderful companions to small children who love to play dress-up or a lonely truck driver looking for a lighthearted partner to ride shot gun. In a family situation they behave like a child, demanding a great deal of personal attention and interaction. French Bulldogs thrive on a one-to-one relationships.

Average weight is 22-28lbs; height 12 inches; color: brindle, reverse brindle or tiger brindle, black brindle, fawn brindle, pied, white, cream, black, red, chocolate, blue or fawn.