Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is an excellent family dog and does great with children of all ages. They will be your buddy, whether running, playing or just snoozing; which they are good at. But at times you think they will never tire out. Toys are a must for a home with a Boston. Tug toys, cuddle toys, and chew toys will be the evenings entertainment!

They are born with little to no tail. Their tails can be twisted, cork screwed or kinked. Boston’s learn fast. They are very sensitive to the sound of your voice.

Average weight is 15 lbs; height 15 – 17 inches. color: black/white, black brindle/white and red/white.

We are expecting our next litter of Boston Terriers 4/2023. B/W will be $1000 and R/W are $1500. Please call or email if interested.