Payment in full is expected at one week prior to shipping. If you decide to have your puppy shipped, we use United Airlines PetSafe Department for transporting our pets.  PetSafe is United Airline’s specially designed animal transport program for shipping pets safely and comfortably on their flights.  The cost is $325.  This cost is subject to change without notice. The shipping price includes transportation to the airport, airfare, a crate, puppy microchip etc. The puppy is generally delivered to you at the United Airlines baggage claims area, but some cases you might have to go to the United Airline’s cargo area to pick up your puppy.  We will be able to tell you where to pick up your puppy once we book the flights.

More information about United Airlines PetSafe Program

  • Your puppy will travel within United’s specially designed plane compartments that are pressurized in the same way as the passenger’s cabins.
  • United’s Warehouse facilities and aircrafts are climate-controlled for the safety of your puppy.
  • To ensure comfort in any weather conditions, your puppy will be the last cargo loaded and the first cargo unloaded from the plane.
  • Your puppy will receive personal handling in climate-controlled vehicles for connections in United .