Sold | Female

DOB: 12/11/2017

As of 01/26/2018 she weighed 4 lbs 6 oz

Mina is a Cream and White Pied little Frenchton.  Mina is a 3/4th Frenchton.  Her mother is a red and white Frenchton and her father is a black and white pied French Bulld.  She has cream colored smudges around her eyes and some cream spots on her back.  She is going to be a very stunning little girl and she already seems to know that.  Her huge “Bat Ears” are just starting to stand up.   She is all Frenchton and only operates in only 2 speeds, STOP and GO. Right now her main goals are EATING, SLEEPING and PLAYING.  You just can’t get much cuter than her, who couldn’t fall in love instantly. She is going to be between 20-25 lbs when full grown. She is going to be very “Bully” looking. She is going to make a great companion for someone very special.

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