The Frenchton is a “Designer Breed” they are 1/2 French Bulldog and 1/2 Boston Terrier. They are a fun breed. They have the French Bulldog’s “Bat Ears” an a snout that is halfway between a Boston Terrier a French Bulldog. They still snore and fart like a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier. But like they say, “The more a Frenchton snores and farts then you know you have a great Frenchton.”

They have the same personalities that the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier have – there are only 2 speeds – “STOP and GO”. They love playing with other animals and people. They are just a joy to be around and you will find yourself spending hours watching them – they definitely picked up the “Clown and Entertaining” characteristics of a French Bulldog.

They are born with little to no tail. They are very sensitive to the sound of your voice. They can be stubborn just like a French Bulldog, and they are very smart like a Boston Terrier, but they haven’t quiet decided if they want to do what you asked them to do.

Average weight is 20 – 25 lbs; height 12 – 15 inches. color: black/white, black brindle/white and red/white.

We expecting 2 litters of Frenchtons, July 21 and Aug 14. Please call or email if you want to be added to waiting list. Our Frenchtons go very fast normally they do not make it to our website. Price $1200